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New Western
Series (2024)

So, it's happened! We are starting development of the continuation of the Western Series, with many improvements and a bunch of unique characters for your projects. It's kind of a major reboot based on everything we've learned in the two years since the original Western series came out.
We look forward to your recommendations, feedback from our community, any suggestions for content and concepts are warmly welcome! So, welcome to our Discord community:
In the meantime, let's go through the concepts, project phases and approximate release dates.
Important: This is an early WIP, so any aspects may change.

phase one: general characters

The foundation of your cool gang!
5 unique characters, each with their own story, based on the UE5 Mannequin and featuring our latest developments.
Hight-quality different skins, detailed hairstyles, the ability to exchange clothing pieces between characters, a variety of blendshapes for male and female bodies, including more muscular or sexy forms for any request.
We've also completely redesigned facial blendshapes to make your animations look more realistic. And of course, each pack will include a lot of themed accessories (including weapons) for your cool ideas!
ETA: Spring 2024.


A simple good guy who is always in the right place at the right time. Reliable, brave and a bit naive.


A tired, shabby traveler with skeletons in a closet and a dark past. His motives are mysterious, and the trusty Colt shoots without a miss.


Brave adventurer! Her beauty is known far beyond the borders of the state, and her explosive temper will not leave indifferent even the most confident man.


Robber. Bandit. Male.
A stern and silent bounty hunter. You will not like his character, but you will have to reckon with him.


Grace. Deception. Danger.
Do not be fooled by her affectionate look — she only needs your money and possibly a head.

phase two: townspeople

This set is designed to fill your world with secondary, but no less important characters. A courtesan hangs out in a bar, a woman scolds her husband, a wealthy young man seeks adventure, and a businessman seeks money. Everyone has their own purpose in this world. What life goal will you choose for them?
ETA: Spring 2024.


The girl from your favorite bar who will always listen to you and warm you up on a cold night. She will also hide you under her skirt in case of danger.


Cold, prudent lady with Winchester. Her hobbies are rather strange, and her methods are cruel.


The same charming girl in trouble, who will definitely marry you in the end. Sweet, polite, humble.


An intelligent rich young man with a great future, looking for the very girl who needs help.


A prudent trader. He used to trade in shoes, but now he mines diamonds, builds railways and runs a large bank.

phase three: villains

This pack will include up to five characters. So far, the concepts for two Native Americans and Mexicans are ready. Who else would you like to see in the pack? Share with us on Discord! The idea is that these characters will be potential villains, but you can also use them in other situations.
ETA: Summer 2024.


Honors traditions, respects the family, hits right on target. Future leader, son of an elder.


Smart, young girl. She grew up in an Indian village, but after the tragedy she had to look for herself again.


A ruthless mercenary, he loves gold and is always looking for his own gain.

phase four: farmers, workers

The pack will include ordinary residents to create extras - for example, farmers and workers. We are open to new ideas for filling this pack and will be happy if you share them in the Discord 🙂
ETA: Autumn 2024.

phase five: rich unique skins (only clothes)

It is planned that these will be cool unique skins for women and men. More pathos, more details, more cool textures and accessories!
With with set you can make your own character constructor, skins for DLC or create a system for leveling and loot mining.
ETA: Spring 2025.

Technical details:

  • Rigged
  • Low-poly
  • Game-ready
  • 175 cms (female)
  • 185 cms (male)
  • Unreal 5+
  • Unity 2020+
  • Blender
  • Maya
  • Fbx
  • 70-90k faces
  • Western
  • Adventure
  • Survival
  • Horror
  • Shooter
  • FPS
  • Action RPG

So, Western Series is coming in 2024!

Stay in touch - visit our Discord to discuss the series 🙂