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Time to look into the world of the Wild West!
Cowboy, bandit, sheriff, cowgirl - what role will you try on today? The first large-scale Western project for marketplaces, that changed the rules of the game for this topic. We did our best to meet the expectations of our customers, and it seems we succeeded.
This is just the beginning of this series - we set the task of creating a small city for full-fledged game scenes. Keep in touch!

Technical details:

  • Rigged

  • Low-poly

  • Game-ready

  • 175 cms (female)

  • 185 cms (male)

  • Unreal 4/5+

  • Unity

  • Blender

  • Maya

  • Fbx

  • Cowboy: 50138

  • Bandit: 53148

  • Sheriff: 59054

  • Cowboy girl 1: 49609

  • Cowboy girl2: 58258

  • Revolver (gun): 7368





Game engines project screens (Unreal Engine, Unity):


Unreal Engine description:
  • Control modularity through a customized Master Component — we have prepared convenient switches on the right side of the panel. You can also add other heads, hairstyles and clothes from our other future assets — all parts fit together perfectly. Create your own unique world with lots of combinations! Before the scenes are examples of different combinations of characters and clothing. How to change head
  • The female characters have a full body and underwear. Please remember that using a full body with clothing is not recommended to avoid mesh crossing.
  • If you need an uncensored version as well as a breast simulation, feel free to text us on email
  • The projects includes a weapon (revolver).
  • Each character has several unique skins.
  • The basic cowboy has several types of facial wounds for action scenes. All of the above features are presented on the map for your convenience.
  • The map includes a high quality render scene.
  • Fully customized physic of the characters. Simulation of hair, clothes, body are included.
  • You can also change the color of skin, eyes and hair.
  • Shaders contain fine tuning based on blueprints. Roughness, SSS, micronormal masks, etc. — all inclusive and ready to go!
  • The package includes starting male animations, but we recommend using the ALC 4 animations — you will immediately see the difference 🙂
  • 52 calibrated facial blendshapes for cinematic cutscenes, compatible with Live Link Face, Faceware and more.
  • Instances and ID Masks of materials are configured, so you can easily control a lot of material parameters.
  • Fully compatibility with Epic Skeleton — including solved Mannequin problems, such as incorrect rotation of fingers, etc
  • UE4 project with playable character blueprints and clothes, body physics simulation — plug and play!
  • Characters that stand in front of the horse paddock can be select through the spawn menu and run around the map for testing animations and third person view.
Unity description:

  • Everything that is in the Unreal package is also present in the Unity. We fine-tuned the shaders for the three pipelines (Built-in, URP, HDRP), and customized the hair and body simulations. Blendshapes are also included, including some blendshapes we’ve combined for your convenience.
  • The package includes a Third Person Character Controller, so you can play and test animations right from the box.
Important notes for Unity packages:

  • For the best work of hair physics, it is recommended to use the Magica Cloth plugin (the Unity Chan script is configured in a standard project).
  • This package included HDRP, URP, Built-In Shader, to use this character in Built-In or URP you need swap shader following this Tutorial
  • You need to create new High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP 7.5.1) project template then import character on Unity HUB (or transfer model to a project with a configured HDRP) to avoid get shader errors. If you want to work in a different pipeline, please follow the instructions above.
  • For better image quality in other render pipelines (not HDRP), individual lighting and camera settings are required for your project.
  • The demo video and screenshots show the work of HDRP pipeline.

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