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David Grette Studio is a character development studio for PC and console games.

We provides indie developers, game and film studios with high-quality and unique characters at a reasonable price.

Key lines of business are marketplaces and outsourcing.

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We founded our studio with the ambitious goal of providing indie developers with the best assets at significantly reduced prices. After creating the Western Series, which became incredibly successful, we realized that our mission is much deeper and we are able to form a close-knit community and must provide the best assets for your great ideas.

Since then, we have been fully focused on the direction of marketplaces for you and we have a lot of things ahead! Subscribe to our Discord or Artstation to keep up to date with new products 🙂


Do you have a super idea that you would like to realize? Contact us — whether it’s characters, weapons, props or a set of clothes, we will be happy to help you realize your idea with maximum quality!

Check out our plans here:

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High-Quality Characters Packs

All of our characters have their own story — some of them hide special easter eggs that you can find 🙂 Perhaps Christopher is in love with Veronica, but hides it?

Each element in our packs is designed with love. Attention to detail is what distinguishes our approach to 3D modeling.

PBR Texturing

Our texture artists are highly experienced creating the most complex materials in Substance Painter and generating textures such as dirt, sweat, snow, dust and natural contaminants to ensure the natural look of the models.

Clothes creation

We have come a long way in learning how to design clothes and we can confidently say that our approach is one of the most meticulous on the market 🙂
Many color variations, the ability to remove parts of clothing (up to underwear), as well as the ability to mix parts of clothing between characters with the same body type — this and much more makes our approach the most beneficial for the client.
Details such as folds are completely repeated on the topology to provide volume, and the topology takes into account animation features to avoid defects.

Faces sculpting

Our experience allows us to solve the most complex tasks, such as:

  • Accurate transfer of the external features of the character
  • Transmission of the characters
  • Detailed pores and wrinkles
  • Any age — from a child to an old man
  • Support for ARKit blendshapes for realistic animation

Advanced grooming

We use Fibershop to generate realistic planes, then test the shader’s work in Unreal (we use our own shaders for maximum realism of hairstyles).

We always strive to achieve the best result in this rather difficult and complex direction and now we have some of the best hairstyles on the market.

Metahuman adaptation

With the release of Metahumans in UE5, we’ve had a lot of requests to adapt our current models to Metahumans. In this regard, we have opened a new direction for adapting clothes to the proportions of Metahumans, giving you access to countless possibilities of this technology, including the Metahuman Animator.

Weapons modeling

Do you need quality weapons for your game? Our team provides subdivided modeling services for any type of weapon from bows to fantastic machine guns.

We include rigging and animations in weapons so you can immediately test them in the game engine, and the modular design allows you to create realistic animations and opens up different scenarios for using our assets.

Props modeling

We love to create VERY detailed accessories and props for games.

  • A well-optimized mesh does not put a heavy load on the engine.
  • A lot of texture options (clean skin, dirty, in snow, etc.) expands the use cases.
  • A lot of details and a high density of UV and texture sets allows you to use assets for first-person games and cinematic scenes.

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Customer support after purchase. For free.

We are constantly in touch with you in our channel in Discord! We love to communicate with our clients and are happy to help when something goes wrong for you.

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